Psychic Sally: 10 Year Anniversary Tour

As one of television’s most famous psychic’s celebrates he 10 year anniversary tour, Psychic Sally is keen to remind people that “there’s no such thing as a coincidence”.
Perhaps more so is the ‘coincidence’ that most of those who stood to receive a message were quick to add that this was the second or third time at one of Sally’s shows. It is clear that there exists a very constant and faithful following; who very much “buy-in” to Sally’s methods.
As the show begins, the disclaimer is writ-large that the events to follow are “investigational and for the purpose of entertainment”… Cathartic tears of grief it seems, would be the main means of this spectacle.
Observers must be careful -aside from speculation of ‘plants’ in the audience or other trickery- for the most part, these are real people with real grief. They have turned up in their hundreds in the hope of a glimmer of reassurance that a lost loved one is not ‘gone’ from their lives completely, and that in some way, a connection exists.
Sally is of course happy to oblige, and has forged a lucrative career; providing messages to celebrities, theatre and television audiences, not to mention her book sales. Keen to push her social media presence, the whole show was peppered with urges to ‘follow’ Sally’s Facebook pages and even opportunities to text (charges apply) a special number to recieve the chance to win a reading from Sally.
Sally’s ‘messages’ vary from the precise; “His Birthday was the 19th of August”, to the more vague: “I’m getting a Barry… no Gary… No Gaz… ah yes it’s gaz, gasss, gas. It was a gas leak. Oh that’s it, the central heating went off.”
The psuedo-scientific explainations such as “energy balls” appears to be enough to convince the majority of the audience. Time and time again the tenuous links of generic first names and common symptoms experienced at the end of life (breathlessness, pain, loss of faculties) is enough to summon tears and rounds of applause.
The claim of this show is to entertain, and the purpose of this review is to critique the show’s ability to do just that. For that reason, it is unarguably a show that does what it says on the tin; with nearly all of the attendees exiting with either smiles, or tears of relief.
Is Sally psychic? That I cannot say. Is Sally gifted?… Well, she is certainly a very talented business woman.