A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As night falls and the moon rises our story of love, fairies and spells unfolds. Puck, shrewd and sprightly, reminds us to rest as he sets the scene. Masterfully played by James Templeton; he is as energetic as he is engaging. With great delivery he quickly has the audience captivated; something he manages to maintain throughout the play.

The two worlds of the mortals and the magical are separate and yet parallel; it quickly becomes clear that they share more than simply their surroundings. The quest for love and harmony causes the two worlds to meet and through the interference of Puck, the mortals soon find their romances become a comedy.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the first of Shakespeare’s plays to be produced at The Epstein Theatre and it is truly a credit to Daniel Taylor Productions LTD. Adapted by Helen Jeffery, it is an excellent take on one of Shakespeare’s finest works; quirky, clever and hilarious.

Sophie Coward is brilliant as Hermia and fur flies between her and Helena (Chloe Taylor) as their respective suitors become embroiled in Oberon and Puck’s interferences.

Meanwhile the story is kept buoyant by a mob of actors creating a play within a play. As they scramble to finalise their piece, each character brings a charming and truly funny element to the group dynamic. Thomas Casson is fantastic as Snout and works brilliantly alongside Timothy Lucas (Thisbe). Both characters are genuine comics and their giddy slapstick is a joy to watch. But be sure not to take them lightly – both are clearly talented in their craft.

Daniel Taylor (Bottom/Pyramus) is both confident and clever. His timing and rapport with the audience make him stand out as a bright star in an already shining cast.

With tickets available until Saturday 29th of April, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a show that will warm hearts and very much as one would expect from a comedy, will have you laughing long after you have left the theatre.