The Story Giant

From the four corners of the earth travel four children. Meeting in the land of sleep and slumber, these dreaming explorers encounter a looming library like no other they have ever seen. Not only does this behemoth bibliotheca present them with more books than they could ever consider to exist, it presents them with a challenge.
Within the shelves of mystical tales, romantic novels and exciting legends lives the Story Giant. Older than memory and time, he is the collector of stories from the many generations that have walked the earth. Each fable, fantasy and folklore he has found and catalogued. With impressive presence, Richard Bremmer booms and whispers in equal measure as his world begins to quake and crumble. For all his many stories, he is still missing one. One story is all that is needed to complete his archives and yet, he cannot find it.
Our four dreamers try earnestly to help the shrinking giant; recounting tales from their lives and cultures. With each new narrative we see deeper into the lives of each child; their hopes, their fears, their joys. Sadly for our giant, the missing story continues to elude him.
Melanie La Barrie is punchy and sassy as Betts. Similar to her brilliant portrayal of Golde, the wife of Teyve in ‘The Fiddler on the Roof’; she is a master of one-liners. She continues to shine as a part of The Everyman Company and her roles in the next two productions, are sure to be of the same calibre.
The Story Giant is a must-see for any bookworm or lover of stories, old and new. With dozens of tales recounted at various paces, the dialogue is speedy at times; adding to the urgency of the giant’s ticking pocket watch. Younger ears could find it tricky to keep up, but will nonetheless be in awe of the set. Beautifully put together, the glittering tree and spiral staircase provide an impressive backdrop and do well to ignite the imagination.
For the audience there are many lessons learned as the story unfolds. Lessons of hope, ambition and of love. By far the most wonderful message is that of the story itself; of the big giant and the little people who help him.


The Story Giant – Thursday 13th April – Saturday 29th April – The Everyman Theatre, 5-11 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BH